Investing in the Riviera Maya?

In Mexico there are several tourist poles, which have managed to maintain their added value and increase it over the years. As for beach destinies, they have positioned themselves as the preferred investment sites for retirement or vacation homes.

If you are thinking about investing in Real Estate and still haven鈥檛 decide on the ideal place to do it, here are some reasons why investing in the Riviera Maya is an excellent option.

During 2016 Playa del Carmen had a real estate growth for the construction of houses with an approximate investment of 400 million dollars. As for 2017, the state of Quintana Roo highlighted the economic growth of places such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Puerto Aventuras, driven by investments from both nationals and foreigners in the luxury Real Estate sector, with a premium and luxury residential concept.聽Due to diverse factors, the Mexican Caribbean has managed to conform as one of the trends in the real estate market.

With tourism mainly from the United States, Mexico, Europe and Canada, statistics from the Ministry of Tourism indicate an average stay of 7.5 days, where people travel with family and friends in an average group of 3 people. The main travel purposes are seeking for a sunny climate and beautiful beaches, visiting natural areas, archaeological sites, complemented with outdoor activities. In addition, 45.2% of the tourists that visit the Riviera Maya mention having returned to the site, turning them into frequent visitors.

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